Kateri Cael and the Haunted Academy

Kateri Cael, a hearing student, fluent in sign language, is a new student at St. Elizabeth's Academy, a historic middle school in the hills of Kentucky. When she arrives she does not suspect she has been summoned to the academy by the spirit of her great-great grandmother, who is determined to clear the names of those long dead. At the same time, there may be living beings trying to steal a treasure from the academy that was buried on the property during the time of the American Revolution. At first Kateri is the only one to sense when the spirits come to call. She and her cousin Lady Victoria, whois deaf from Scotland. are drawn to investigate the hauntings and noises from the music room floor. Together they risk everything to discover the amazing truth behind the story of the headless nun who carries her head, an alarm clock and sheets of music all while playing the violin. Come and join Kateri as she helps solve the mystery of the haunted academy.

Mystery Writer