Mystery Writer

Catherine Paul has written four books with the same characters investigating their family history from the time of the roman occupation of the British Isles to the present. The characters are teenagers, believable, serious and funny. They are interested in many topics and occupations that develop because of their investigations and paranormal encounters.  All people have feelings of walking a different direction, something is different, as well as specters leading the teens to discover the mystery hiding a truth or correct a wrong impression regarding one of their ancestors from 1775.

She is currently working on fifth book in the Waterview manor series as well a new series “ghost, you said.”

Evelyn Cirincione aka Catherine Paul is a resident of Tucson since 1995. Evelyn is now a retired teacher of the deaf after forty years of working in school for the deaf in New York and the public school system in Tucson Arizona. She enjoys visiting historical sites in Arizona.

Evelyn began writing her books with the intention of allowing her students, their families, and the communities that deaf children are teens first and deaf second. The teens in her books are able to move between the deaf and hearing cultures with their skills and interpreters when the situations call or an oral interpreter, sign interpreter or both depending on the teen.

Tucson sisters in crime has allowed Evelyn to ability to connect with authors and organizations such as Tucson Police Department, Fire Department, F.B.I., paranormal groups, aircraft recovery, etc.

Evelyn enjoys, writing, speaking to groups, astronomy, reading, cooking, enjoying her great grandchild and playing with her dogs Bonnie and Fiona.


  • Spirits among the ruins, fame press
  • Kateri Cael and the haunted academy, fame press
  • Dawn Lightfoot and the case of moccasins and old papers, fame press
  • Waterview manor, fame press


  • 2010 gold medal in the senior Olympics - archery
  • 2007 distinguished achievement award finalist award excellence in educations publishing
  • 1994 staff member of the year sjsd 1994
  • 1988 caritas alumna medal, Catherine Spalding university Louisville, Kentucky 
  • 1988 staff member of the year kips bay boys and girls club (mainstreaming at risk deaf students)


  • Tucson festival of books 2009 
  • Yes, you can be an author!  presented twice once to public and once to teenagers
  • educational presentations across the country 1984-1994

Offices held

  • 2013 Tucson chapter sisters in crime – board of director’s program
  • Nysaed alternate delegate - Delegate; secretary
  • President – church club – St. Aidans, New York